February 19, 2023

With sold-out performances across Canada, the REVEEN show has been seen on stage by more than 7 million people all over the world.

The Super Conscious Experience of Reveen is, without a doubt, the most famous hypnotic show in the world.

People from the audience become stars in the wildest and funniest show that has kept millions of people crying with laughter.

It’s a fascinating journey that takes you to the inner and outer reaches of your imagination.

The state of Superconsciousness involves the scientific application of positive applied suggestion that’s derived from the study of medical manuscripts dating back more than 200 years on the topic of hypnotism, somnambulism, and mesmerism.

From the time Reveen first arrived in Canada from Australia in 1961 to 2001, this show has been seen by more people coast to coast throughout Canada’s top theatre circuit than any other show starring a theatrical entertainer. “No single theatrical entertainer” has ever sold more tickets to their shows in Canada than the Reveen Show.

The show holds the largest attendance record in western Canada’s largest theatre, the “Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.” Back in the early-mid 1960s, during a six-week engagement 60,000 people attended the Reveen Show, still to this day NO ONE has ever sold more tickets in that theatre. On the backstage door of that theatre, you’ll see a granite plaque bolted to the stone wall that says “REVEEN” in honour of his achievement.

In 2011 in Las Vegas, Ty Reveen launched his new show as “Reveen The Next Generation – The Legend Continues.” At the end of his performance, Ty received a standing ovation, and his father walked on stage and awarded him by passing on his tuxedo.

Since then, the new show quickly gained popular acclaim across the country and performed multiple tours in front of capacity crowds in many prestigious theatres, from St. John’s Arts & Cultures Centre in Newfoundland to Vancouver’s River Rock Casino, plus attracted 45,000 people who came to see the show during a fifteen show run as the “Starring Attraction” at the Pacific Coliseum Amphitheatre during Vancouver’s 2019 PNE Event.

On February 17th, REVEEN performed his third Sold-Out Show at the fabulous Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg.

“Like father like son,” the Reveen show remains the most successful show of its kind coast to coast in Canada.

The Reveen Show is a unique experience to the likes of no other show you will ever witness, by the end of every show virtually every audience member will think to themselves, “I wish I would have volunteered” or, “I would have loved to have that experience”, audiences have two assured win/win choices: Come and experience a hilarious night out of this world that you will never forget, or come on stage take part in a journey that will become a tremendous benefit to you for the rest of your life!



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