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General Play Callbacks  2021 


Firstly, our sincere thanks for sharing your talents with us at the play general auditions. 

Please read the callback schedules carefully and take note of the following:

- You might be called back for a show you didn’t list in your form so please check all shows. The artistic team feels strongly that you should be seen for this show so we encourage you to seriously consider this callback. 
*If you are not available please contact the Artistic Producer at Dawn@KelownaActorsStudio.com

- If you are not called back this does not mean you are out of the running. We have limited time and can only see people for certain roles. 

- All are being considered for Character parts and Ensemble in the season. 
*If you are not available please contact the Artistic Producer at Dawn@KelownaActorsStudio.com

- All shows have scene sides to prepare. Marked pdfs are provided for you to prepare.  

Those cast in our productions will be contacted through email. Please understand this can be a long and difficult process. We greatly appreciate your patience!

The callback names & schedule are available HERE. 

If called back for a play acting sides will be available for download 

MainStage Rehearsals

Please note the rehearsal process starts approximately 6 to 7 weeks prior to a show opening with weekend and weeknight evening rehearsals. Shows run for 3 weeks, with performances Wednesday to Sunday at 7:30pm and matinees at 1:00pm.


Musical Callbacks will hopefully take place in September 2020
If you’re successful in receiving a callback for either Legally Blonde, Ghost, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Sound of Music and/or A Christmas Carol you will be contacted most likely in August.

Please check your availability before committing to your callback for a show. 

Thank you again for being a part of our theatre future and for continuing to support us through this journey!



  • Amadeus Sides: Available HERE
  • Callback Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020
  • Further Questions?: Please email Dawn Ewen, Artistic Producer at Dawn@KelownaActorsStudio.com * NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE *     
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  • The callback names & schedule are available HERE.

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